A set of 11 connector wires (often called jumper or Dupont wires). Use these to connect your MS430 board to your host system (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc).


The wires are approximately 20 cm long and are compatible with the 2.54 mm (0.1") pin spacing standard. The sets are a random selection of colors.


Each wire has a pin or socket at each end.


Pins connect with breadboards or the sockets found on some development boards such as Arduino Uno.


Sockets connect with pins found on the MS430 board, the PPD and SDS particle sensors, and header pins found on host boards (e.g. Raspberry Pi).


There are 4 wire sets to choose from: Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, Breadboard A, Breadboard B.


  • Sets for Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno are for use without a breadboard. The MS430 and optional particle sensor connect directly to the host with the wires.
  • Sets named Breadboard A/B are for host systems used on breadboards (e.g. Arduino Nano 33 IoT, NodeMCU/ESP8266).
  • Breadboard A allows the MS430 sensor board to be directly connected to the jumper wires (MS430 not touching the breadboard - see picture A).
  • Breadboard B requires the MS430 sensor board to be plugged into the breadboard - see picture B.

All of these sets will also let you connect a PPD42 or SDS011 particle sensor.



Set contents


There are three wire types: Pin to Pin (P-P), Pin to Socket (P-S), Socket to Socket (S-S). The sets contain the following:


  • Raspberry Pi set: 11x S-S
  • Arduino Uno set: 2x S-S,  9x S-P
  • Breadboard A set: 1x S-S,  10x S-P
  • Breadboard B set: 8x P-P,  3x S-P


Connector wire set

Jumper wire selection

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