We provide open-source software examples, with setup instructions, ready to run on your system.


These are fully functional applications for using your environment data.

IoT cloud
Internet of Things (IoT) cloud

Store your data in the Tago or Thingspeak clouds and view it from any internet-connected device.


This is compatible with the free accounts offered by these platforms.

Home Assistant interface

Send data to Home Assistant, the popular open source home automation system.


We show you how to visualize the data on the main dashboard and set up action triggers to control your home.

Home Assistant
IFTTT email
IFTTT interface

Using a free account with, this example will send you an email alert if a measurement is outside your chosen "safe" range.


Customize the message and choose how often it can be sent.

Graph viewer
Graph viewer

A graphical user interface for viewing data from your MS430 in real time.


It runs with Python and Qt, so it works on all major operating systems.

Web server
Web server

An alternative to using a commercial cloud account.


Host your own web page on your home network, with interactive graphs and CSV file download.

The example software has been tested on the following host systems:

Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini and NodeMCU), ESP32 (DOIT DevKit v1), Arduino Nano 33 IoT, Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino Uno*, Arduino Nano*.

*Uno and Nano have no network connection, so can only run the non-networked examples.

Raspberry Pi

Connect your MS430 board using jumper wires, breadboard, or by soldering.